Basic information about a medical organization

Regional Budgetary healthcare Institution "Cardiological Dispensary" is a medical institution that provides specialized cardiological care to the population of the Ivanovo region. Medical care is provided in accordance with the license of medical activity No. LO-37-01-001537 dated December 22, 2020, issued by the Department of Health of the Ivanovo Region. The hospital was founded in 1991. The hospital includes a polyclinic-a cardiological consultation center, a 24-hour hospital, a clinical and diagnostic laboratory, a functional diagnostics department, an organizational and methodological department, an administrative and economic department. The hospital is designed for 180 beds, a polyclinic and a health center - for 172 thousand visits per year.

List of medical services

According to license no. LO-37-01-001537 from December 22, 2020, issued by the Department of Health of the Ivanovo Region, the OBZ "Cardiological Dispensary" provides primary medical and sanitary care in outpatient conditions (in the Health Center); primary specialized medical care in outpatient conditions; specialized medical care in inpatient conditions and in a day hospital.

The algorithm of applying to a medical organization for a foreign citizen

Free admission, hospitalization of foreign citizens is carried out in the presence of an MHI policy: rules for making an appointment for an initial appointment/consultation/examination

In the absence of an MHI policy, medical care is provided on a reimbursable basis according to the price list: information about the cost of medical services


Contact Information

  • Legal address:

22, Sheremetevsky Ave., Ivanovo, 153012

  • Mailing address:

22, Sheremetevsky Ave., Ivanovo, 153012

  • Phone/fax:

+7 (4932) 32-57-11

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